COSTAID is an unique international project aimed at supporting educators, teachers and trainers in preventing and dealing with information disorder among young people.
Our goal: countering the increasing influence of fake news, conspiracy myths and post-truth.


Processes like post-truth, fake news and conspiracy myths have a negative effect on democratic processes and societal debates. COSTAID focuses on raising awareness among young people and improve societal resilience against disinformation.

COSTAID is an Erasmus Plus project, financed by the European Commission. Seven countries participate in the project: The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, and Slovenia. The affiliated organisations will collect guidelines and best practices, and develop several tools against information disorder.

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Guidelines against fake news and conspiracy myths

These guidelines provide professionals with information about fake news: how does it work and how can you detect it? How do you work with young people on this subject?

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Toolbox and interactive
e-training course

This practical toolbox is meant for aiding first-liners in educating young people on false information and conspiracy myths. It will contain didactical structures which first-liners can apply in their own learning environment.

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Interactive e-platform

In this virtual learning environment professionals can find online training modules and participate in learning activities.

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Mobile applications  

This app will contain online materials from the e-Training Course and the Guidelines in a pedagogically sound way.

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