Processes like post-truth, fake news and conspiracy myths have a negative effect on democratic processes and societal debates. COSTAID focuses on raising awareness among young people and improve societal resilience against disinformation.

COSTAID is an Erasmus Plus project, financed by the European Commission. Seven countries participate in the project: The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, and Slovenia. The affiliated organisations in these countries collect guidelines and best practices, and develop several tools against information disorder.

In recent years several national and international projects have been set up to exchange and disseminate knowledge and best practices. COSTAID’s added value lies in its focus on professionals in vocational education. We target educators, teachers and trainers and all other professionals who work with young people, e.g. youth counsellors and advisers, social workers, youth workers, but also sports trainers. They are the so-called ‘first-liners’ – people in direct contact with targeted individuals or vulnerable groups of population.

The scope of the project also includes other people working in the educational, social, or health care sector, as well as vocational education organisations. These organisations will be able to introduce the concept of the project into their training activities and offer new measures to their customers.

COSTAID will develop coping strategies against fake news and conspiracy myths, by using digital technologies in education, training, youth and sport. We will also develop and implement new and more democracy-relevant teaching and learning approaches.

COSTAID will create:  

  • Guidelines against fake news and conspiracy myths
  • Contents for a Toolbox and interactive e-training course
  • An interactive e-platform
  • Mobile applications

These products will help to develop young people’s critical digital skills and competences, but also those of the population in general. See products for more information.